Emde Nil | Top management books of all time:
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Top management books of all time:

An art and science, management is something you can efficiently do only if you’re able to strike the right balance between both. Learning about management is a different thing and applying what you have discovered to practical situations is entirely different – and there’s no denying to this. To make sure you’re doing the application part of what you’ve learned right, you need to read these books – which have an altogether different perspective about management in the real-life scenario. Have a look at this list:


1. How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie:

Management is all about people – they are the most significant resources you have to handle, material and tasks following closely. This book by Dale Carnegie will help you know how to build lasting relationships. It will also give you a better perspective on how to handle the people in a manner that’s both authoritative and friendly in nature. Get your hands on this book as quickly as possible!



2. Who moved my cheese? – Spencer Johnson:

Renowned author, known for his management prowess Spencer Johnson came up with this simple, easy to understand and short book on one of the greatest principles of management – how to deal with your attitude to bring in a change to make sure things around you change! If things aren’t working your way, you need to change yourself – and that’s the last thing we’d probably want to do. But this book brings in a fresh perspective about things making it easy for you to bring the change from within.


3. Strengths finder – Tom Rath:

To bring out the best in others, you first need to be well-versed with yourself. Finding out your strengths is what will help you use them, and this book will help you do it really well. Based on a 40-year-old study of human strengths, this book has all the valid strengths found among humans. You need to read this book to be good at management and all the things that come with it.

4. Built to last – Successful habits of visionary companies –James Collins:

An organization thrives on the going concern principle and Built to Last focuses explicitly on how crucial it is to emphasize this principle. With valid, real-life examples of successful, long-lasting business empires, you will surely be able to relate to this book. Read it to have a better understanding.

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