Emde Nil | Must watch psychological thriller movies:
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Must watch psychological thriller movies:

Movies that play with your mind, leaving it completely twisted are worth admiring. And psychological thrillers have this capacity to keep you at the edge of your seat, your mind wondering, and make your body go all cold! And if you love this genre, a yayy to you! These intense, gripping movies may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are definitely our cup of tea, coffee everything! So if you’re one of the psycho-clan, this post is for you – watch these movies on loop over the weekend. A little disclaimer: Don’t blame me if you get all delirious towards the end!


The Gift:

A happy married couple, Simon and Robyn move into a new home. Everything’s going good until they run into Gordo, known to Simon from the past. Things start getting weird when he starts sending expensive, showy gifts to their home. He also starts dropping into their home without notice, which of course irks the young couple. And when Gordo’s mind-numbing secret is out, the couple is shocked, stunned and left to fend for themselves.



The Silence of the Lambs:

The suspect is on the loose – and he is no ordinary man! He’s a serial killer who skins his victims – this case is handed over to an FBI cadet, who, with the help of another manipulative cannibal killer has set out to catch hold of this horrific serial killer. Edge of the seat thriller with a gripping storyline!


Personal Shopper:

A young American girl is content with her life and her job as a personal shopper in Paris– until one day, her twin brother passes away. After signs and symbols that her brother’s house is haunted, she tries to sell it away – little does she know she too has the power and ability to speak to spirits as her twin did. Soon the complicated gamble of communicating with souls, signs, signals, and symbols begins…..

Black Swan:

Hallucinations, doppelgangers, doubts, fears, suspicions – this movie is filled with loads of it. It starts off with the Nina, a 28-year-old ballet dancer who has been chosen to play the lead in the Swan Lake. She, however, isn’t able to nail the part of the black swan – the series of events leading to this is what makes this movie so exciting to watch – and it’s not going to disappoint you in any way! A must watch!


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