Emde Nil | How to introduce your kids to art:
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How to introduce your kids to art:

Art is the essence of life –it adds all the required color to life. And the best part about it is, art is wonderful therapy. Art helps to develop cognitive and creative aspects of kids, making them rounded personalities. Introducing kids to art in the early, formative years will help them thrive and blossom into beautiful personalities. How can you bring your kids into this wonderful world of creativity? Take a look at these tips:


1. Give access:

You need to create a small art area for your kid. Fill this art area with lots of child-friendly art supplies, different colors, crayons, pens, whatever else you can lay your hands on. Every day, make sure your kid spends some time here. If your kid has a natural penchant for art, he will love spending time in this art area. If not, your kid will slowly understand t and absorb the world of color and begin enjoying it!


2. Encourage your child:

Your kid will start off with drawing stuff that will be difficult for you to comprehend! But don’t laugh it off, as it holds great relevance and significance in the child’s mind. Instead, praise your child, talk to him about what he has just created. Sometimes your kid ends up revealing his deepest feelings through his artwork – you’ll get to know your kid much better!

3. Spend time in the art room:

You too can join in with your kid in the art area! Art has no age, so just jump in once a while! You can draw outlines of things and ask your child to color it. Or you both can work on the same theme. This time spent together will help you both know each other better and find something you can always bond upon.

4. It’s going to be messy:

Your kid is not going to be like that artist who paints with patience and care – your child will just dip hands in paint and make a mess! Now what’s a mess for you is a masterpiece for them – so you have to be patient with your child. Don’t scold them or discourage them from doing so – you may end up discouraging them from art itself.

5. Visit art museums:

Your kid may not understand the underlying beauty behind these paintings or works of art lined up in museums, but you can make an attempt to explain it to them – talk to them about famous artists, their masterpieces and increase their curiosity in this endless world of art!

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