Emde Nil | Healthy substitutes to junk food:
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Healthy substitutes to junk food:

Junk food is something we all relish – irrespective of our age! Most parents of teenagers are worried about their teens picking up these unhealthy food choices rather than opting for something healthy and organic. So what do you do? The best solution to this is to find alternatives that will surely help you beat the junk cravings! We’ve got a list of these options to help you – read on to know more!


1. Baked potatoes:

When you have the option to bake, why go in for those oil-drenched unhealthy fries that will end up with you feeling bloated? Bake these fries in coconut oil – another healthy agent, and satiate your cravings without putting on those extra calories.


2. Dark chocolate:

Why consume chocolate loaded with calories when you can eat dark chocolate packed with nutrition? Dark chocolate has an immense amount of fiber, iron and a host of other nutritional elements, all which are essential for your body. Plus, it’s so full of anti-oxidants, so chomp your way to youthfulness!



3. Mashed cauliflower:

A tastier and lighter version of its famous counterpart – mashed potatoes! Once you taste the mashed cauliflower, you’re never reverting to mashed potatoes! It’s superbly flavourful and yummy enough to find a respected place on the Thanksgiving dinner table!


4. Frozen fruits:

A perfect substitute for sweet, sugary candies – frozen bits of fresh fruit! They’re just as delicious with no artificial sweetening agents – so you’re free to eat as much as you want. You can keep rotating the type of fruits to get variety, or just keep a bag of mixed frozen fruits ready – for you to bite into to get away with those untimely sweet cravings.


5. Frozen yogurt:

The best option to ice-cream – you can have frozen yogurt to get over your ice-cream cravings. Frozen yogurt has probiotic agents in it which make it more healthy than ice-cream. Just make sure you don’t add in any artificial sweeteners such as maple syrup or anything like it – you’ll end up eating more calories! You can spice up your boring frozen yogurt with freshly cut fruits and nuts – healthy and organic!

6. Dried fruits:

Sweet cravings are aptly tackled with the dried version of fruits – and the happy news is that you get dried versions of any and every fruit that you want! So why go in for chocolates, candies and other sugary stuff when you can chomp on these healthy sweets?
Choose a better alternative, stay fit and healthy!

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