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Must watch psychological thriller movies:

Movies that play with your mind, leaving it completely twisted are worth admiring. And psychological thrillers have this capacity to keep you at the edge of your seat, your mind wondering, and make your body go all cold! And if you love this genre, a...


Top management books of all time:

An art and science, management is something you can efficiently do only if you're able to strike the right balance between both. Learning about management is a different thing and applying what you have discovered to practical situations is entirely different – and there's no...


Healthy substitutes to junk food:

Junk food is something we all relish – irrespective of our age! Most parents of teenagers are worried about their teens picking up these unhealthy food choices rather than opting for something healthy and organic. So what do you do? The best solution to this...


How to curb spendthrift habits?

Do you often face the issue of having ample money in hand at the beginning of the month and then running out of it halfway through? Well, you're not the only one! Spending recklessly is one habit which many people are entangled in. And this...


How to introduce your kids to art:

Art is the essence of life –it adds all the required color to life. And the best part about it is, art is wonderful therapy. Art helps to develop cognitive and creative aspects of kids, making them rounded personalities. Introducing kids to art in the...